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Best Raisins(Kishmish) in India


Everybody likes to Kishmish. Raisins are available in yellow, brown, green and black colour in the market. Raisins are commonly used in topping over Indian desserts, cookies, bread, muffins, custards as well as tasty dishes. Generally, raisins are naturally sweet and high in natural sugar. Amazing health benefits gained from eating raisins.

Are Raisins Good For Health?

Definitely Yes! Raisins are tiny in size but lots of nutritional and calories added this dry fruits. Raisins are a good source of energy, fibre, protein, and carbs which preventing health diseases like acidity, anaemia, cancer, infections, teeth problem, heart disease and many more.
benefits of raisins

Top 5 Best Quality Raisins/Kishmish in India

1. Urban Platter Golden Raisins Kishmish

Always I m very attracted to Urbal Platter products. Urban Platter headquartered is available in Mumbai. Its packed in a zipper stand up white transparent pouch. The zipper stands up offer freshness seals in the packing. This good raisin comes with 1 kg capacity in a very reasonable range.

These have been processed with So2(Sulfur dioxide) that is one type of gas.

Urban Platter Golden Raisins Kishmish

Price Approx: Rs. 600/-

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2. SFT Seedless Organic Raisins

SFT Seedless Raisins are loaded with a lot of nutrition and fibres. Also, raisins are rich in source of iron and copper and complex vitamins of B which are active for the formation of red blood. 

Sft has been in the market last 22 years. Its raisins are handpicked and choose the best quality resins. In this raisin, Iron is much that beneficial to better sleep. The dry greps comes with 1 kg capacity in the super packing.

Best before 6 months from the date of packing. For the better freshness, you can keep in the refrigerator.

SFT Seedless Organic Raisins

Price Approx: Rs. 545/-

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3. Urban Platter Afghan Munakka Raisins

This is another best raisins from Urban Platter. The Manuka Raisins produce of Afghanistan. These raisins are rich in Vitamin A, C and other good sources of Iron and Anti-oxidants. This good for curing weakness, anaemia, acidity and low digestion. Additionally, its maintain hypertension or high blood pressure.

It comes with a 400 g quantity with great quality. Overall, good product.


Price Approx: Rs. 500/-

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4. Carnival Seedless Black Raisins

Carnival Seedless Black Raisins are agricultural produce from Afghanistan. The 100% natural product come in a 250 gm package. The Carnival raisins packing are amazing, firstly packed in a poly bag and after packed in a paper box for a long time preserving the freshness.

This sweet and soft delicious raisin added to your sweet and also healthy snack for your little ones. This is a black raisin. Its rendered 12 months of long shelf life.


Price Approx: Rs. 237/-

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5. Tulsi Kishmish

Tulsi Raisins has an Indian brand that Kishmish contain added high amount of natural sugar. The best portion of this Kishmish is free of cholesterol and rich in antioxidants. This raisin loaded with lots of nutrients sources such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Its taste is extremely delicious and maximum people like this. Tulsi has an FSSC: 22000 & HACCP certified plant among product certified by FSSAIA.

It comes with 500 g quantity in a very reasonable range.


Price Approx: Rs. 205/-

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How to Store?

Once time opened the raisins, always kept in a cool, dry area. Raisins are packed in an airtight container for a long time keep in fresh. Keep away from sunlight.

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