Top 5 Best Gym and Weight Lifting Gloves in India

If you are a gym enthusiast then you need to buy a pair of gloves. Because gym gloves reduce wrist injuries and weights lifting. Also helps to get a better grip on the gym equipment. All gym equipment has heavy weighted while chances injuries to our hand, palm and wrist. Don’t worry, Gym gloves are the best way to avoid all these kind of injuries.

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If you find the best gym and weight lifting gloves in India then look nowhere else, After our 45 hour research, we have prepared a list of top 5 best gym and weight lifting gloves in India.

Tips For while Selecting Proper Gloves

  • First of all, you can check the Grip. This is an important feature if the grip is a week then chances to create some types of injury.
  • Quality plays a vital role in the all product. You buy quality material that stays longer will last.
  • One of the most important is Padding. Padding gives perfect gripping during weight lifting.
  • Check size and value.

Best Gym and Weight Lifting Gloves in India

1. Xtrim Unisex Macho Gym & Fitness Gloves

Xtrim Unitex Macho gym gloves specially made for high-level exercises like Gym and cycling or bike race.  The leather gloves reduce wrist injuries while lifting weights. Its half finger design with wrist strap and its double stitching enhances durability.

X trim gloves provide ample grip to reduce bulky weight slipping off the lifters’ hands. The washable material washes only cool water and Don’t dry direct sunlight. The gloves give you complete comfort while wearing.

This gloves 15 years and above person for a beginner, expert and professional any playing level you can use it.

Xtrim Unisex Macho Gym & Fitness Gloves

Key Features:

  • Super stretchable micro leather.
  • Flexi wrist support belt.
  • Size chart available.
  • Luxurious closure system.
  • Breathable, washable and durable real leather.

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2. Nivia Python Gym Gloves

Nivia is the highest selling brand of gym gloves in the Indian market. The added a comfortable cushioning on the palms makes hands safe from any injuries during workouts. Its colour combination and design perfectly fit your choice.

Besides, fingerless gloves suit men as well as women both. Used a micro leather pad provides protection and a better grip for lifting the weight. The gloves is totally odour free and clean even while sweating.

Nivia Python Gym Gloves

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Super quality material.
  • Stitching works are very well.
  • Easy to remove, washable.
  • Padding on the palm provides better comfort and grip.

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3. Xtrim X MACHO Gym & Fitness Glove

Another best product from Xtrim. The high-quality authentic ample grip gloves used a natural leather on palm. It comes with the rubberized stretchy wrap that perfectly binds on the wrist which helps to reduce injuries while lifting weights.

The strap material is flexible for down unwanted pressure on the wrists. This is a genuine leather product and the sewing assures durability.

One important thing, when you wash the gloves you can not use any types of bleach and don’t dry to iron.

Xtrim X MACHO Gym & Fitness Glove

Key Features:

  • Quality is extremely good.
  • Durable leather palm.
  • Double stitched gloves.
  • Ideal for all age of the group.
  • Wrist wrap closure for wrist stability.

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4. Kobo Power Gym Straps

Kobo has a prominent name of the sports and fitness industry. This is not a palm glove, it is a thumb support wrist grip gloves. Also, only grip glove is high using product. Its colour and design are too good.

It is easy to bind, wrapping your thumb just like the show in a picture which creates a perfect balance between support and flexibility.

Its made from heavy blend cotton-eglantine for durability and maximum support.

Kobo Power Gym Straps

Key Features:

  • Effective design.
  • Comfort to wear.
  • Used heavy blend cotton-eglantine.
  • Lond and wide free size strap.
  • Superior material quality.

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5. Kobo WTG-05 Gym & Fitness Gloves

Is the last but not the list, Kobo WTG-05 is the fifth best gym gloves in India. It uses a soft material for wearing comfort. Also, comfortable for lift the heavyweight.

Its use breathable front palm padded is perfect for light exercise or training. Its strap has a velcro closure for comfortable fitting.

The ideal for an age of 15 year and above.

Kobo WTG-05 Gym & Fitness GlovesKey Features:

  • Unisex.
  • Genuine leather gloves.
  • Used at professional playing level.
  • Lycra at back for comfortable fitting.
  • Luxurious Closure system.

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Best workout (gym) gloves in India: Feel relax while doing exercise

Finding difficulties in selecting the most suitable hand gloves for your workout? Figuring out exercise gloves can be challenging sometimes, especially when you don’t have an idea what to look for while selecting gloves. In this article, you will get to know if you need gloves, what to look in a couple of gloves, what should be this category and how to properly maintain your gloves. Continue reading this article for getting in- detail knowledge and advantages of workout gloves.

Why I need gloves? I’m relaxed with arms.

Gloves are regarded ideal for workout sessions and training program to protect hands and to enhance traction over rods, weight loads and other gym accessories. Apart from protection against corrosion, calluses and bacteria, workout gloves also offer you an added level of support for your arms, fingertips and hands. Some of the gloves are created to cushion hands from knurling whilst enhancing traction for improved grip.

How should I select the ideal gloves for me?

Choosing gloves is a personal thing. It depends on what type of exercises you do, how often you practice and the level of your personal or proficiency requirements. Every couple of gloves features its own unique pros and cons. If you use free weights, punching bag and cardiovascular machines, workout gloves should be an important piece of your fitness kit. If you practice more, the higher would be a workout and thus, the more comfortable your hands would need. In that case, you must search for some natural leather gloves having padded cushioning, wrist support and excellent breathability. But if exercising less or work with light loads, you should opt light-weight gloves that have less cushioning.

At the time of purchasing gloves, you should search for these 4 features:

  • FITTING: Select the couple of gloves that well fits without executed over your palm and allows your fingers to move in a comfortable manner.
  • PROTECTION/CUSHIONING: In gloves usually 3 finger lengths are available i.e. short; ½ fingers and ¾ fingers- for more security choose gloves which has a long finger. Additionally, select the gloves with cushioning as per your “close contact” feel with training gears. Moreover, you should check for flexibility- fingers and palm should easily curl around the training gear when strongly grasped.
  • SUPPORT: during physical training, the gloves should support hand. The gloves should feel natural as well as support to hands for allowing you to maintain proper wrist and palm while training.
  • TRACTION: While selecting gloves, one should check for enough palm traction to attain a “no slip grip” over gym equipment. Palm and finger part of the gloves should offer traction while combating corrosion from the training surface. Suede or rubberized palms and fingers are regarded as ideal for every type of area for improved traction and durability.

We hope you have now learned what to search for in gloves when purchasing for your training or sports classes. The more you exercise, the more your body sweats, and that sweat holds salt and several other minerals which affect natural leather and materials of your gloves feel.

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