Best Green Tea in India 2019

In a recent year, green tea has achieved a lot of popularity in the Indian market. Because everybody knows Green tea is better than our regular tea. I am very glad, our Indian people starting to health-conscious and more concentrating on fitness. One of the most advantages is Green tea available in multiple flavours, you can choose as per your preference. Overall, Green tea is very good for your health.

Our Top Picks

#1 Lipton  #2 Girnar  #3 Tetley 
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Why choose Green tea?

Green tea is not just a cup of tea, the rich in anti-oxidants which health brimming with provide other benefits in a healthy lifestyle.

 Benefits of Green Tea

  • Help to reduce weight.
  • Increases fat burn and immunity.
  • Improve brain function.
  • Fight any types of cancer.
  • Reduce cardiovascular diseases.
  • Rich in antioxidants which protect against illness.

How to make green tea

It is so easy. First of all, for one cup of tea, you need to warm water around 100-120ml. The warm water added to the empty cup.  Next step is added a one tea bag into the cup and infuse tea bag for 2-3 minutes. The last step is to remove the tea bag into the cup and after your green tea is ready to drink. Avoid adding milk or sugar for health.

Top 5 Best Green Tea in India to Buy Online

1. Lipton Pure & Light Green Tea

Lipton is one of the most well-known organic tea selling brand in India. This Green Tea is 100% pure, simple and delicious fresh tea that helps to feel light and active. You can use without milk or sugar.

Lipton green tea provided a hydrated healthy glowing skin. The gives zero calories as compared to our regular tea hence, the consumed a large number of people in the world. This green tea available in soothing aroma of a warm cup of green tea may help you relax.

The especially produce for a healthy life and weight loss which makes your life tastefully and healthy.

Lipton Pure & Light Green Tea

Key Features:

  • 100 tea beg included.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Maximum 15 months shelf life.
  • Delicious flavour and fresh taste.
  • Doesn’t need to add milk or sugar.

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2. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

This green tea is 100% organic natural herbs that good for health. Added a flavour of Tulsi which supports the immune system, reduce stress, improve the digestion system and uplifts your mood. Also, helps to fight illness, cough and cold.

It comes in a powder form has a unique combination of three types of Tulsi- Rama Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, Vana Tulsi. The high-quality product is immensely beneficial to all age of people.

Besides, the help in weight reduction and fat burn.

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

Key Features:

  • Organic.
  • 100 g quantity in a package.
  • Good taste and good quality.
  • Tulsi flavour, powder form.
  • Helps in reduces weight and stress.
  • Its shelf life is 2 year.

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3. Tetley Long Leaf Green Tea

Tetley long leaf green tea is a very popular green tea brand in India. Its famous for its natural green tea flavour. Its contain quantity is 250 g that helps to make a 165 cup of tea.

In the tea, ingredients present antioxidants which help fight harmful chemicals in your body and reducing a stress. You can take this one cup every day and feel refresh after having a tiring day.

Tetley select young tea leaves and buds are blended for a smooth, soft taste and sweet fragrance.

Tetley Long Leaf Green Tea

Key Features:

  • Made of 165 cups of tea.
  • It is loose leaves form.
  • Natural and affordable.
  • Doesn’t have any side effect.
  • No any preservatives and artificial colours added.
  • It has a unique aroma and taste.

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4. Girnar Green Tea

Girnar herbal and spices tea manufactures by Girnar Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Its a 100 % vagitarian product. Its spicy with a herbs flavour comes to the cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, tulsi, asafoetida, clove, black pepper and black salt.

Consuming this green tea also helps in the bloated stomach, annoying seasonal cough and cold. You can use one tea bag at 100 to 120 ml hot water for one cup of tea. Total 36 tea bag added in the box.

It is a sugar-free tea bag so, no worry if you are a diabetes person.

Girnar Green Tea

Key Features:

  • Herbal and spices test.
  • High-quality product.
  • Dietary preference product.
  • Effective healthy flavours green tea.
  • The contain capacity is 36 tea bag.
  • Best before 2 years from the date of manufactures.

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5. Onlyleaf Green Tea

All different kinds of natural test are packed in a one and only Only leaf green tea box. In that box, 10 tea beg comes which giving you a more flavoursome experience.

It packed with 10 variety of tea bags such as tulsi green, honey- lemon green tea, ginger mint lemon green, organic green, Chamomile green, turmeric ginger tulsi green, hibiscus cinnamon clove green, jasmine green, mint green, and dandelion green tea.

Mostly, all tea beg has a different test and different advantages.

Onlyleaf Green TeaKey Features:

  • 10 tea bags in 1 box.
  • Rich test.
  • Gluten Free.
  • High antioxidant and light refreshing.
  • Fresh orthodox whole leaf tea.
  • Has a 12-month shelf life.

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Best Green Tea Brands in India

Here we explain a information about the top 5 best green tea brand in India. If you have no any idea to green tea brand then you must read it:

♠  Lipton


Lipton is one of the best green tea brands in India started in 1890. The company suggest to founded by Sir Thomas. Lipton green tea made of Glasgow. This is a wonderful world of tea. It 100% certified™ by Rainforest Alliance from the US. Mostly, its markets worldwide spread around 150 countries.

♠  Organic India

Organic India

Organic India is the first company that creates a Tulsi flavour and delicious herbal tea in the market. Its tulsi flavour is great in taste and also offers relief from stress, increases energy and boosts the immune system. It produces a 100% organic product. This brand is certified by the symbol of organic.

♠  Tetley


Nowadays, Tetley is a leading brand in the best green tea in India. Tetley completes a 180 year still, it maintains that quality and test. This reason the gained a lot of popularity in a few years. Its all products are easily available in the nearby market and online both place. It is not organic, used might be preservatives.

♠  Girnar


Girnar founders started in the year 1978. The provides quality tea and export tea to over 48 countries. It is packed with a rich tea which used in Airlines, Inflight caterers, Railways, Cruise Liners and Luxury Hotels. Girnar Tea especially made from handpicked leaves and the perfect well blended to your test.

♠  Onlyleaf


The only leaf is a pure and simple flavour as a daily beverage of choice. The added all-natural ingredients and whole leaves for good health and refreshing experience. It comes in a reasonable range so, everybody affords it.


Green Tea Buying Guide: Measuring quality while buying

Green Tea is a long time treasure of China and Japan that is becoming more popular in America. It’s clear and understandable why: the best green tea leaves are heated or steamed right after harvest, protecting their all-natural resulting in a nourishing beverage containing antioxidants. With about half the caffeine of black tea, you get the advantages of green tea in every soothing cup. Either loose-leaf or green tea bags, these are available in the market.

If you are a large green tea drinker you should really know a little bit more about green tea. What is the best quality green tea you can buy? Where does green tea come from? What type of green tea are you drinking? How has it been processed? These are just some of the things to consider if you are your home tea lover. It’s certainly worth paying attention to where your green tea comes from as this significantly impacts its quality.

Also if you only consume green tea sometimes, do you really want to consume green tea which may be infected with large metals? If you are one of those people who just buy any green tea that can discover and think they are going to be in healthier, this is the post which will open your eyes.

In this guide, you will learn what factors you should consider when buying green tea and how to buy the best quality. It’s especially essential to read this if you drink green tea for its health benefits (cancer protection, heart health, brain health, etc.) and want to get the most out of it.

Green tea may be useful as a glucose regulator, meaning it slows the rise in blood sugar following a meal. It does this by reducing the action of a particular intestinal compound called amylase. This compound is critical in the secrets and techniques for starchy foods (carbohydrates) that can cause blood vessels glucose levels to increase following meals. This is pretty interesting things — along with chromium, and possibly a vanadyl supplement; green tea might be the missing link in proper glucose management.

High-Quality Green Tea is Green:

Unlike black tea, green tea does not go through an oxidation process, which causes its leaves to become brown. As this step is avoided, the chlorophyll content is still the same in leaves. Due to this, the colour of the leaves is green. As the leaves are in natural form, the level of anti-oxidants in great, which is helpful for health.

But how can you tell if you’re buying tea that is superior or every day in colour, flavour and aroma?

Ways to Evaluate Tea Quality

  • Brand and manufacturer reputation
  • Flavour
  • Appearance
  • Measuring High-Quality Organic Tea By Reputation

The first way to look at the quality of Japanese green tea is by looking at:

  • Where the tea leaves are grown
  • Who is processing the tea?
  • Who is selling the tea?

For experienced green tea consumers, product or manufacturer name and area alone can be enough to decide on getting one tea over another. However, for newcomers to high-quality tea selecting by the brand can be difficult without specific research.

Due to the knowledge necessary to understand the subtle differences between regional locations, Japanese brands and the trustworthiness of tea sellers, this quality of statistic is not recommended for green tea novices.

Check the Source of Your Organic Tea

Whether you buy green tea online or from local shopping shop, you should always discover out the original source of saving money tea. Most of the storekeepers will stock green teas which are cheap or which provide them good margins.

Measuring High-Quality Green Tea By Flavor

Measuring the quality of green tea by flavour can be a somewhat subjective method, yet since most of experiencing green tea is through flavour; it’s, however, an essential one. This is why a great choice when selecting high-quality green tea is to taste it—if you can.

The problem with tasting high-quality green tea prior to buying is that it’s almost difficult for most people to do. Unless you live in Japan, finding a place that provides and offers high-quality Japanese green tea can be extremely hard to find in the local community.

Choose Whole Leaf Organic Tea:

Whole leaf tea is much better than the range available in the regular tea bags. Loose-leaf tastes delightful. Tea leaves that are young are used to make loose-leaf green teas. When you get ready to consume, you will encounter excellent flavour and taste other than health advantages, as the essential natural oils stay unchanged in whole leaves. Whole leaf green tea is also the most affordable choice because you will be only spending money on the tea.

When you buy green tea on the internet, avoid the ones loaded in regular tea bags. Sometimes, customers grumble of the standard after they purchase such bags. These bags contain fanning, which is damaged tea leaf and refused during the production procedure.

Measuring High-Quality Organic Tea By Appearance

The third way to measure great quality is by the overall look of the tea leaves. If you are given the opportunity to pay attention to the leaves, there are three main visible signs you can look for.

  • Shape Of The Leaves

The form of tea leaves can be a significant thing because it directly reflects the selection and production procedure the tea went through. Looking for this thing needs expertise in understanding the variations between green tea types.

  • Color Of The Leaves

For each green tea variety knowing the appropriate colour (with the understanding that some teas like hojicha are brown) can indicate the quality of the tea.

  • Brightness Of The Leaves

Bright leaves often indicate good quality; though due to the production procedure of some teas, like fukamushicha, more powdered may be found within, leading to less brightness. Therefore, this indicator shouldn’t provide to all green tea types.

These are some of the common tips that you should follow when you buy green tea online. Always confirm the reliability of the shop before putting your order.

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