Best Exercise Cycle Under 5000 In India 2019

If you are looking for the best exercise cycle in India? The exercise bike is fitness equipment purchased for weight loss and physical health improved. Also, use to burn calories and increase their cardiovascular strength. Exercise bikes are fantastic exercise devices to maintain the gym routine even at home and make your lifestyle healthier. So, you do not need to go out or Gym for cycling. If you can need the best exercise cycle then you can mention our below list this by suggesting the best Exercise cycle in India under 5000.

Our Top Picks 2019

#1 Onlineworld #2 Lifeline Exercise #3 Endless Fitness
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1. Cockatoo Imported Air Bike Multifunction Function Exercise Bike/Cycle

Cardio Max Back Support Exercise Cycle is the first best cycle in India on our list. An upright exercise bike maximum supports a 100 kgs weight. Its flywheel of weight 4.0Kg and 3 cranks are really beneficial for delivering you a smooth cycling experience. Also, its compact size design saving more space. The digital display of a bike which shows time, distance, speed, and total distance traveled. It provides a 1-year warranty on an exercise bike.

2. Powermax Fitness BU-200 Upright Bike/Exercise Bike for Home Gym

Powermax Fitness BX-110SX exercise bike is the second best cycle in the list. It multi-functional display show the time, speed, distance, and calories burned. The bike flywheel weight of 4kg and maximum supported weight of 110kg. The incorporates with 3 crank system with a wide clear display. Its below-given foot paddle is very soft, smooth and safe to use. The back seat is fordable and adjustable. The product covered by one year warranty.


3. AD7 Sports Benson Figura Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss at Home (Ivory)

AD7 Sports presents smart looking equipment with a variety of beneficial features. This exercise bike constructs with a sturdy steel body for many hours of work without the fear of disintegration.

This cycle has a compact design is ideal for home or gym which fitted in any corner of your home. One shaker bottle comes with this bike. Its digital display track your time, speed, distance, and calories burned while you are active in exercise. The black color looks fabulous.

4. Body Gym Stamina Air Bike With Back Support

This is built with solid quality for a smooth and quiet cardiovascular workout. Body Gym Stamina Air Bike comes with a comfy seat that can be adjusted forward and backward, you can adjust it according to your need. The seat is very comfortable for exercise.

This exercise bike includes 8 levels of resistance to suit different needs. This exercise bike support up to 90 kg of users weight. The benefits of the wide LCD display which show the time, speed, scan, distance and calories very easier. The total dimension of 18 W x 40 H x 26 D inch.

Body Gym Stamina Air Bike With Back Support

5. Lifeline Air Bike

Life Air Bike is the fifth best exercise cycle in India on our list. The non-motorized exercise cycle machine for home use, you can keep it indoor or outdoor both.

The display of the device is an integrated electronic meter that displays time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan. Ergonomic adjustable-reach arms with padded grips.

The maximum user weight permitted is 100 kg. The seat position of the device is easily adjustable.

Lifeline Air Bike

Frequently Ask Question:

Can I lose belly fat with an exercise bike?

Yes, Regular exercise burns your calories. You should exercise regularly with a diet plan to get these benefits. This effective way to lose your belly fat quickly.

Is exercise cycle good for weight loss?

If you are doing regular exercise and avoid high-calorie food then you are definitely loss your weight with this cardio activity.

How much time run to lose weight?

The ideal time is 30 to 40 min workouts. You can run 30 min per day and weakly 200 to 300 minutes for weight loss.


Exercise Bikes/Cycles Buying Guide In India: Read The Important Guidelines To Find Best One

Cycling is undoubtedly one of the good options for exercising. It helps to stay fit and healthy in a fun way. But not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a bicycle ride daily, that too outdoors. These people need to depend on cycles for exercising. Because indoor Bikes/Cycles can be equally or more effective & fun. Exercise bikes/ cycles are an ideal home exercise equipment giving a fun way to get your cardio workout.

So if you are planning to buy Bikes/ Cycles, you will get a common idea about the prices of exercise Bikes/Cycles, their design and construction, and a bunch of other basic facts you need to know to make your choice easier.

Types of exercise Cycle/Bikes

  • Upright Bike –  These exercise bikes are similar to conventional bicycles. It also provides lower body workout and cardiovascular workout similar to riding a normal bicycle. If you bend forward, you can also provide the mild workout to the upper body.
  • Spin Bike – Spin Bike/cycles are also known as indoor cycling bikes, this type of bike is exclusive for using weighted flywheel connected to the pedals. It looks like upright bikes, but are more challenging to ride because of direct-contact brakes. Adjust the level of resistance using a knob. You may choose to sit or stand when pedalling.
  • Recumbent Bike – Recumbent bikes are considered best for those who require extra back support. Besides the backrests, these bikes also have bigger seats. The sitting posture is slightly reclined as the pedals are positions slightly forward.

How to Choose Best Exercise Bikes/Cycles

There different types of exercise Cycle/Bikes are available in the market that varies in weight, design, size & shape, so when you’re shopping for one, adjust it for your size in the store. To find the right Bikes or Cycles for you, be sure to try before you buy and look for a comfortable, types of exercise Cycle/Bikes that fit your feet.

Check the Weight  and Weight Limit

The more it weighs, the more stable it will be. For heavy bikes, there have to transport wheels included, otherwise, you will have problems moving your machine from one place to another. And make sure that your weight isn’t above the maximum supported weight, otherwise, you can put your safety in danger.

Excessive Noise

While this isn’t an issue for everyone, you have to keep in mind that, based on the bikes’ resistance, some are less noisy than others. Some Bikes/ cycle including users tend to be noisier because this has featured air resistance- the harder you pedal, the stronger the breeze and louder the noise. Most exercise bikes don’t make an intolerable sound, but if, for instance, you want to listen to music while working out, the noise might bother you.

Body system Place

Another important thing that you will look when you compare the above three kinds of exercise bike/cycle is that the body position on each is very different. When driving an exercise bike/cycle, the seat and handlebars are close to level with each other meaning the rider’s body has a lower, more streamlined profile that mirrors the driving position of a road or mountain bicycle.

Watch the Warranties

The warranty is another main factor that should be put into your consideration. Look for a warranty that offers two to three years of coverage on major moving parts and a year for labour. Check all details on the probability of failure and repair costs revealed that prolonged warranties are probably not a good deal. A minimum package for one year of warranty is the basic requirement for each type of exercise bicycle.

Features To Look Before Buying Best Exercise Bikes/Cycles


Look for a clear display with easy-to-use controls. A best exercise Bikes/ Cycles will show some combination of your speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), calories burned and resistance levels, and details such as time and distance. An exercise bike also has features a built-in display that provides both workout-related information and entertainment-info like video and music options.


Select an exercise bike/cycle that features fixed programs that make easier your workout routines based on your goals and capacities. Such programs take various factors into account including age, gender, weight and fitness levels. The programs that allow you to adjust routines based on your fitness level.

Heart-Rate Monitor

You would be choosing an exercise bike/cycle to enhance your performance and stay fit. So make sure it has features of heart rate monitor to track your workout strength and performance levels. Some bikes feature LCD displays that also display information like calories burnt, duration as well as distance covered.

 Resistance Levels

Select a bike/cycles with the right resistance levels based on your fitness goals. A bike with different configurations will allow you to progressively increase the resistance as you gain more experience. Some bikes can have their minimum resistance level that is beyond your stamina. So make sure to opt for the best one.


Exercise bikes have many moving parts and can be dangerous, so follow guidelines. Make sure that your exercise bike is locked and keep out of children’s reach, and keep young children away from all equipment without safety locks. Make sure children are kept away from your exercise bike while it is in use.

Moreover, exercise Bikes/Cycles come in many options with all different kind of features. All bikes have  Seat adjustability is one of the common features which most of the bikes offer. Apart from it, there are other features like magnetic resistance, gears for high speed, smoothness and comfortable seat etc. offered in standard and advanced bikes. When choosing the best exercise bike or cycle look for the “ To Fold or Not To Fold” features, In case you have not enough space in your home, consider buying a foldable exercise bicycle. You need to decide what all features you want on your bike. You need to identify the negative aspects of buying a bike which has got good features.

Look for a bike that fits completely into your budget while offering all the required features. At the same time, a longer warranty is highly recommended.



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