7 Best Cycles in India Under 20000 in 2019

Hey Guys, Looking for best cycles in India under 20000? My research on best cycles will help you to choose your best product. Before check products and details we just look up some basic features. Frames are made of aluminum, steel, alloy(titanium), fiber, etc. Most of them made from aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. Steel frames are heavier and tougher than aluminum. Titanium and fiber are more expensive.

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#1 Jaguar  #2 Sports  #3 Hercules 
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Brakes used to stop moving or reduce the speed. Nowadays There are three types of breaks available in market Rim Break, Disk Break, Drum Break. Gears help us to adjust the speed of the cycle. You can shift gears with your hands. Depending on the manufacturer.

Top 7 Best Cycles in India Under 20000 in 2019

1. Montra Helicon Super Premium Cycle

  • Mountain bike
  • Rigid suspension
  • Disc braking system
  • Steel frame body

when it comes to value for money, this is the best option that is available in the market. This is an aesthetic bicycle inside and out. It will give you the pleasure of riding along with giving an overlook rodeo look.

This has geometrical mirrors that can ace the racing standards in every way. It is quite an impressive compact machine. Some of the best features of the bicycle are: it is a specially designed mountain bike that has the disc type braking system.

The body is made of steel and has a frame size of 19 inches. The speed rating of this bike is a whopping 21. You get some very rigid suspension with the tires of size 26 inches.

2. Fat Tyre Adventure Sports MTB Gear Cycle

  • Carbon body composition
  • Multiple usages
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Disc braking system

This is an urban style bike that is made of carbon and has a striking red color. The red color gives it a smart sports hue. This is not just for the adult but can be used for young children as well.

This too, though is a mountain bike and disc braking system. It has a steel frame and made of an alloy of carbon and steel. With the hydraulic suspension, you can use this bike for trekking, cardio, workout as well as daily commute. This bike too has a speed rating of 21. The wheel size is 26 inches can be used all year long.

3. Love Freedom Jaguar Fat Bicycle

  • Disc braking system
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Carbon steel body

this bicycle is mostly for enjoying leisure time with your family and friends. You can take this bike to beaches or hills or snow or any other terrain.

This allows you to swiftly go through any kind of landscapes. This bike has a 4-inch tire and 26 inches rim that will allow you to go to any kind of surface with ease. You can use this as an alternative to your gyming routine too.

It will boost your health further as it will allow you to exercise in the fresh air. It also
gives a smooth ride in the low pressures. And this kind of attractive design will catch
the eyes almost every day.

This has a disc braking system and comes in many different color options. The body is made of carbon steel and the frame is made of steel. The hardtail suspension allows the bikers to ride smoothly in all areas.

4. Cosmic Trium Special Edition Hardtrail Bicycle

  • Steel handlebar
  • Alloy Stem
  • Comes in two colors- black and green
  • 29-inch wheel

This bike is supposed to give you the thrill and fitness. This bike is like your go-to cycle. You can exercise with, you can commute with this as well take up the leisure activities.

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This is a high-performance cycle thus, little on the expensive side. The bike has a steel frame, seat post, a handler, and alloy stem. The material this bike is made of is sturdy and durable. The suspension of the bike is so great that no matter how many bumps are there on the road, you are not going to feel it. The brakes are front and rear disc brakes with levers which will ensure a smooth stoppage.

5. Hero Octane Dude Mountain Cycle (Red)

  • Ideal for men as well as children.
  • Front brake and rear brakes are both the caliper breaks
  • Rigid suspension
  • Steel frame material
As per the mane this bike has got awesome for the young adults who are looking for a fitness time along with some leisure. This bike has an 18-inch alloy frame with a suspension fork.

The person with a height between 5 feet to 6.5 feet can easily enjoy it. It has a rear disc braking system. The bike has a cotterless crankset and a cartridge BB set. This allows the bike to have smooth chain crossovers ad minimizes the effort during pedaling. The seat is adjustable so two adults or an adult and a child can easily ride it.

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6. Mach City Munich Steel Bike/Bicycle

  • Lightweight steel frame
  • TNT handlebar
  • Alloy black lever
The main feature of this bike is the speed this bike can be driven at. This quintessential bike has an urban look and looks nothing sort of an aesthetic bike.

This has got a lightweight frame and a quick release front wheel. The durable nylon tires do not wear down easily.

7. Hercules Roadeo A50 Cycle

  • Comes in 85% assembled state
  • Alloy frame, adjustable seat and PU saddle
  • Rear and front reflectors
  • MTB pedals
  • Front disc brake and rear V brakes
  • 21 speed ( with gears)
This new bike is inspired by a game that is all about destruction and blood spree. This can be used in an uneven terrain because of its front and rear colored suspensions.

This also has an MTB dual suspension with a body of steel to give it a more game-like look. It is available in a stunning yellow color and made of an aluminum frame.

This medium size bike has a dual suspension and can be used in almost all kinds of terrain.



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