Top 10 Best Automatic Room Fresheners For Home in India 2019

Air fresheners are known to discharge certain molecules to make your interior space smelling nice and make it livable. It also avoids smell and malodor in your room. Air fresheners come both in the form of gels and spray. Both of these make inside environment fragrant. Wet clothes, leftover food, and baby’s diapers keep your home smelly. By spraying air freshener to your room, you can easily avoid foul smell. These products also keep your mood calm and refreshed, without breaking your bank. We have listed the top 10 best air fresheners.

Cotton Mist Automatic Air Freshener

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 Along with offering men’s deodorants and hygiene products, Park Avenue has been emerged to offer 100% natural room fresheners to fill floral scent and aroma in your room to add serenity and calm your mind. The room fragrances are affordable and come in four serene fragrances – Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, and Rajnigandha, to fill your room with floral earthiness.

Airwick Automatic Air Freshener

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It is offering the widest range of room air fragrances. It is offering a beautiful range of sprays with nozzle and fine infiltration to release the aqua mist. You will truly love the Lavender and Jasmine fragrances. It is the long-lasting air freshener that comes at affordable prices.

Rubaru Automatic Air Freshener

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Rubaru Automatic Air Freshener comes with Rose and Jasmine fragrance that calms your mood. It is a no-gas spray which means it doesn’t have gas at all, unlike other sprays. It is a bestselling product from a Rubaru Automatic Air Freshener brand as it comes at affordable price.

Dolphy Automatic Air Freshener

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It is another leading and reputed brand marketed by Amazon Shopping. It offers Odor Eliminator and Air Freshener which freshens up the air inside and removes unwanted odor. It is ideal for the living room and bedrooms. Dolphy Automatic Air Freshener is the brand offering high-quality Citrus Magic Air Freshener to clean the air naturally. It comes with a 100% natural scent of citrus fruit, Orange. It can easily be dissolved in the air. It is the product that is certainly shouldn’t be missed. 

Airance Automatic Air Freshener

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Room fresheners are also getting automatic with the advancement of technology. Air France is offering remote-controlled automatic air freshener which dispenses the molecules at regular intervals automatically. You can get it in various fragrances like magnolia. You can easily use it in public places like shops, malls, etc. along with your home.

Praga Automatic Air Freshener

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It is another popular fragrance brand in India known for offering room fresheners and bathroom fresheners. The room fresheners from Odonil are available as aerosols with different varieties like rose, jasmine, sandal, and lavender. These are the room fresheners to add a zing to your living space.

Godrej Automatic Air Freshener

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Godrej Aer is the well known and reputed brand offering the widest range of aerosol air fresheners available in four air fragrances – Musk, Petal, Cool and Fresh, and all come in a 300ml bottle. These fragrances are known to keep your home fragrant and can hide any type of malodor. The pricing is best suited for every category and packaging really looks attractive. It also features gel fragrances for car ranges.

Fragair Automatic Air Freshener

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Fragair is offering the widest range of non-inflammable air fragrances and you can get them from water combo. You may also want to offer a bit extra amount of money as the room air freshener is costly in its widest range. The air fresheners from Fragair are available in different fragrances, including Ocean Blue, Pink Flower, Lavender, and Aromatherapy white lilies, along with other non-allergenic scents come in 275ml bottles. All the fresheners are known to be safe and healthy.

KR Store Automatic Air Freshener

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KR Store is yet another popular brand offering the widest range of air fragrances, including KR Store Air Sanitizing Spray with unique, odor-eliminating technology to eliminate the odor, along with Air Freshmatic Automatic Spray which neutralizes odors automatically that is coming from odor-causing bacteria. You can have an enjoyable environment and fresh feeling all day.

According to your needs and budget, you can find the widest range of fresheners in different fragrances. You can choose the fragrance according to your taste and needs. Add a little touch of air freshener to your living area and get the nice and cozy feel.



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